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PFAS – forever chemicals that are polluting virtually everything we drink, eat and touch. PFAS is an umbrella name for a class of synthetic chemicals used for their ability to repel oil and water and their temperature resistance. Unfortunately, those same properties do not allow PFAS to break down easily in our bodies, causing serious health effects like cancer, hormone disruption, kidney and liver damage, developmental and reproductive harm, and immune system toxicity. Pollution levels are especially higher near chemical plants and military bases. PFAS are found in everything, but drinking water is likely the dominant source of exposure for most people. The easiest way for you to protect your family from PFAS is to install a filter on your drinking water. Reverse osmosis system can help you get the majority PFAS and other contaminants out of your water. Check out this interactive map, showing reports on water contamination, including three reports from Dayton – near the Air Force Base, in Kettering and Trotwood. Then call us to learn more about a reverse osmosis filter for your home.