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TotalCare® 2 Water Conditioner

Soften And Filter With The TotalCare® 2

Water is an essential part of your life and better water means for a more efficient home. If you struggle with hardness, iron, and manganese in your well water, consider our TotalCare® 2 conditioners to soften and filter impurities.

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Condition Water, Reduce Iron & Manganese

TotalCare® 2 conditioners eliminate manganese, iron, and other unwanted minerals from your water. They also contain exclusive Crystal-Right™ media, which softens water while removing minerals that stain and produce unpleasant tastes and odor.

Regardless of whether your home has city water or uses a private well, your water problems may include:

  • Rust-colored stains
  • Build-up and scale
  • Corrosion damage
  • Foul odor and taste
Home of the 7-Year “Worry Free” Warranty, includes all parts and labor.
CareSoft Water Softener

A water softener is an essential part of the modern household. Hardness minerals can cause high efficiency appliances to lose their effectiveness or do damage. These minerals will also build up deposits in your home’s plumbing, your laundry, and
even your on family’s hair and skin.

Extend the life of your home with our CareSoft water softener. Developed with the same high quality engineering as our more advanced models, the CareSoft is a dependable unit needing little maintenance.

All WaterCare products are proudly made in the USA with only high end materials. You can rest assured that a CareSoft softener will provide the long-term solution for your hard water problems.

Patented IQ2 technology for better water.

• Regenerates only when necessary
• Vacation Mode for convenient money savings
• System notifications
• Only one internal moving part for easy maintenance
• Battery back-up
• Water use is monitored and recorded

High performance resin.
• Powerful and durable resin media
• Reduces hardness from municipal or well water
• Rigorous quality control for testing the media

Low-maintenance brine tank.
• Built-in safety float
• Heavyweight, corrosion-free material
• Dry salt storage for less cleaning

Innovative bottom plate.
• Clean, efficient distribution of water
• Allows for maximum flow rates


Home of the 7-Year “Worry Free” Warranty, includes all parts and labor.
CareSoft Pro RC Softener
Our CareSoft Pro RC models have the ability to utilize dual-chamber technology to combine two medias into one unit, eliminating the need to install multiple systems.
The CareSoft Pro RC can handle removing hardness as well as taste and odor issues, such as chlorine, associated with city water. Our high-performance resin and activated carbon configuration will filter and soften your water in a single product.
The system is designed to be environmentally friendly while safeguarding your household plumbing and appliances, improving taste and  eliminating unwanted odors. The result is the quality water you need for your home.
Every component, feature, and innovation of the CareSoft Pro RC
softener has been designed to bring the highest quality, most efficient
water to you and your family. CareSoft Pro RC components are
certified for compliance with NSF/ANSI 61


1.Exclusive Technology
• Deep cleaning regeneration only when necessary
• Exclusive features insures consistent water quality
• Vacation Mode to prevent unnecessary regenerations
• Only one internal moving part for easy maintenance
• Battery back-up

2.Activated Carbon
• Filters unwanted tastes and odor
• Reduces chlorine from municipal water

3.High-Performance Resin
• Powerful and durable media
• Reduces the minerals that cause hard water
• Undergoes rigorous quality control testing

4.Low-Maintenance Brine Tank
• Built-in safety float
• Heavy duty, corrosion-free material
• Fills with soft water which reduces cleaning
• Dry salt storage


Home of the 7-Year “Worry Free” Warranty, includes all parts and labor.
Ion Pro Iron Filter

Ion Pro air filtration systems are designed to be the most versatile filtration solution available. Whether you need to
remove rust stains, odor, or foul tastes, there is an Ion Pro for your home.

WaterCare® uses a unique air-induction process that oxidizes dissolved iron, manganese, or sulfur into solid particles. This greatly enhances the effectiveness of the filtration process for an efficient and environmentally-friendly system.

Your water is unique, so choose a filtration system that is customized to your needs. You can be confident that you have the proper solution to fix your water problem once and for all.

How it works

Nuisance water comes with a variety of different problems. Our WaterCare Air filters can be customized with the media that best fits your unique water. See the media options below for available solutions.

The system will clean itself using only air and water to backwash and flush the system of any contaminants. The rugged control valve handles high flow rates without dropping household water pressures — such as times when showers, toilets, and faucets are all in use.
Inch Worm is an adjustable cycle that allows the control valve to slowly “inch” its way into backwash, allowing air to escape slowly instead of in one big rush. This slow release virtually eliminates the thrashing of drain lines or noisy discharge of air
to the drain when the system first initiates the backwash cycle.


Home of the 7-Year “Worry Free” Warranty, includes all parts and labor.


Twin Tanks Water Softener


Twin Tanks Provide Continuous Soft Water

With the new twin-tank softener system featuring the Clack series control valve, businesses and homes benefit from soft water 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Should your demand for soft water suddenly spike  – the second tank of softened water is there as a backup, with an innovative quick connection for seamless switching between the tanks.

Why is soft water so critical to businesses and homes in the first place?  Hard minerals in the water can clog plumbing lines, negatively affecting product taste and/or performance.  Without soft water more soap and other additives are required to achieve desired results, and stains and mineral residue are common.

15% Savings in Both Water and Salt

Unlike preset systems, the twin-tank system regenerates with soft water only when necessary.  Plus it uses 100% of the tank in service.  The end result?  Fifteen percent savings in both water and salt.*

Only Pennies Per Day to Operate

Choose the SE electronic timer, and you’ll pay only $4.87 in electricity for the entire year.   Choose the mechanical timer, and that cost is less than 25 cents per year on (your) electric bill!**

How the Twin-Tank Softener Works

Water Softening Process

Hard water enters the water softener system.  As it passes through the resin inside the tank, the hard water minerals are attached to the resin and the water is softened to service the home.

Regeneration Process

When the resin becomes saturated with hard water minerals, the water softener system goes automatically into regeneration.  This is the process that frees the resin of hard water minerals, making it ready to soften the water again.

Brine water is drawn into the tank and rinses the hard water minerals off the resin and down the drain. Once the resin is free of hard water minerals, soft water rinses the remaining brine water out of the system leaving the system ready for service.

Regeneration Process

A twin-tank system assures that there is always soft water available.  The water softener system automatically switches the flow to the fresh second tank while the first tanks is regenerating.  Thus, the system always delivers soft water without interruption.


Home of the 7-Year “Worry Free” Warranty, includes all parts and labor.
Reverse Osmosis Systems

How does RO work

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is the process of forcing water through a semipermeable membrane which allows only molecules smaller than the membrane’s pores to pass through. Water molecules to pass through this microscopic filter while larger contaminants are left behind and washed away.


Contamination  Reduction Performance

Arsenic. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 97%                              Barium . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 96%
Cadmium. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .98%                             Chromium (Hexavalent) . . . . . 96%
Chromium (Trivalent). . . . . . . . 98%                              Copper. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  99%
Fluoride. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 94%                             Lead . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   99%
Nitrate (as N). . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  87%                            Nitrite (as N). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .77%
Radium 226/228 . . . . . . . . . . . . .80%                            Selenium. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 97%
Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). . . 95%                            Cysts. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  99%


The Benefits of Reverse Osmosis Water

Reverse osmosis water has a low mineral content, so you can expect pristine, flavorful coffee, teas or soups.  With a reverse osmosis system, you’ll get fresh, clean water ready at your tap.  There will be little or no scale in your coffee maker or tea kettle.  Even your ice cubes will be better – they’ll be crystalline, harder and clearer than ice cubes that are not made with reverse osmosis water. Your humidifiers and steam irons will last longer. You’ll have spotless glassware when rinsed with reverse osmosis water.  You’ll never have to pay for overpriced bottled water again – and no more heavy bottles to have to lift and carry.  You pets and your plants will love pure reverse osmosis water.

Get Great Water Anywhere In Your Home

As opposed to just having purified water at your kitchen sink and icemaker, an RO system can be custom tailored to provide purified drinking water at many locations in your home.

A central RO system can be designed to feed water at other sinks, wet bars, humidifiers, and even into the garage to provide a spot-free rinse for your cars. Systems can be also be engineered to meet any quantity of water needed, so the possibilities truly are limitless.

Call a Glaser Softwater expert and see what can be designed for your home or business.

PFAS – Forever Chemicals in Your Water

PFAS – forever chemicals that are polluting virtually everything we drink, eat and touch. PFAS is an umbrella name for a class of synthetic chemicals used for their ability to repel oil and water and their temperature resistance. Unfortunately, those same properties do not allow PFAS to break down easily in our bodies, causing serious health effects like cancer, hormone disruption, kidney and liver damage, developmental and reproductive harm, and immune system toxicity. Pollution levels are especially higher near chemical plants and military bases. PFAS are found in everything, but drinking water is likely the dominant source of exposure for most people.

The easiest way for you to protect your family from PFAS is to install a filter on your drinking water. Reverse osmosis system can help you get the majority PFAS and other contaminants out of your water.

Learn more at http://glasersoftwater.com/2020/03/10/pfas-forever-chemicals-in-your-water/

Bradford White Water Heaters

Glaser Softwater is pleased to offer Bradford White water heaters. We sell, install and service Bradford White water heaters.

Bradford White is one of the most technologically advanced manufacturers of water heating products in the world. American-owned and operated, Bradford White is a proud supporter of the American worker, with manufacturing facilities in Michigan and New Hampshire.

Bradford White water heaters are Built to be the Best. When you purchase a Bradford White water heater, you will get a product that is made with high quality materials and premium components for years of top performance and reliable service.

Here’s why:

The Hydrojet Total Performance System

The Hydrojet Total Performance System helps reduce the accumulation of sediment buildup within the water heater resulting in better efficiency, longer tank life, more consistent temperatures, and a larger volume of hot water to meet your household’s needs.


The hot water inside inside a water heater can actually eat through a steel tank if the tank walls are not properly protected. Bradford White water heaters are lined with the exclusive Vitraglas enamel to provide unsurpassed protection so your water heater lasts longer.

The Defender Safety System

Designed for our gas-fired water heaters, the Bradford White Defender Safety System® helps protect your family and your home by resisting the ignition of flammable vapors from a spill outside the water heater. When vapors are detected, the Defender system automatically shuts down the water heater’s operation. This technology gives you the peace-of-mind that your water heater will provide hot water safely and efficiently.

6-Year Limited Warranty

Your Bradford White water heater has been manufactured to the highest quality standards to ensure it provides you with many years of great performance and the hot water you need. Our strong commitment to quality and reliability is backed with a 6-year limited warranty that covers both the Vitraglas lined tank and the water heater’s component parts.

The ICON System Intelligent Gas Control Valve

The ICON System is an exclusive gas control technology that provides you with numerous performance and energy-saving benefits such as an enhanced first hour rating (the amount of hot water a fully heated water heater can deliver per hour) and more consistent and accurate water temperatures.

ENERGY STAR Qualified Water Heaters

Did you know that water heating consumes the second largest amount of energy in your home? Bradford White offers a wide variety of ENERGY STAR qualified models suitable for almost any home.



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