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We offer the best water in the area. And we can prove it!

Bring along a sample of your home’s water and we’ll test it for free and give you an idea of what it would take to make our great-tasting Glaser Pure Water in your own home.

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Two Glaser Softwater Locations to Serve You – Tipp City and Urbana

Complete Home Water Systems

We offer complete home water systems that are designed to perfectly match the water conditions of your home.

graphicsHOMEsmartchoiceSmart Choice Water System

This could be the last system you will ever have to buy.The single tank water system with attitude! The smart choice was designed to provide you unbelievably soft water . . . Learn More

graphicsHOMEsmartchoiceairinductionfilterSmart Choice Air Induction Filter

This iron and sulfur filter requires no chemical. The system is the most advanced filter on the market . . . Learn More


graphicsHOMEtwintankThe Twin-Tank System

Alternating twin tanks provide uninterrupted supply of conditioned water 24 hours a day. This system will cost you less than 25 cents a year on your electric bill . . . Learn More


graphicsHOMEroPure R.O. Water System

Our Reverse Osmosis systems will provide your home with the purest drinking water available . . . Learn More



Commercial Installations

We offer commercial installations. We have been involved in some of the most demanding commercial water system installations in the region. Learn More

Our Customers Love Us!

Since 1988, we’ve been helping people just like you get the best quality water for their family. Over the years, a lot of our customers have given us testimonials, and we’ve put some of them on our website. Read Customer Testimonials

graphicSALTBAGSComplete Salt Delivery Service

You can count on Glaser Softwater for reliable delivery of just the right salt for your home or commercial needs. Learn More




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Make your tap water taste like bottled water. Yeah, we can do that. Glaser Softwater has the tools to do that. Not only will you feel better because of all that tasty water you're drinking, you'll feel good because you're not using up all those little plastic bottles. ... See MoreSee Less

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Start your day off with water. Build water into your morning ritual. Have a glass or two while you wait for the coffee to brew or when you take your vitamins or medications. If your goal is eight glasses in a day, you could easily get two of them behind you before your day gets crowded with other demands. ... See MoreSee Less

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Use a straw. That way you don't have to feel like you need to guzzle the whole glass. You can also make it more fun by getting a crazy, fun drinking straw – like these we found on Amazon
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Find out how much water you should drink in a day, fill your water bottle (or bottles) with that amount, and pace yourself throughout the day. (A quick rule of thumb is that men need about 13 cups a day and women need about 9 cups). Camelbak, a maker of water-carrying backpacks and water bottles for outdoor enthusiasts, has a nice calculator that can help you determine how much water you should get each day. ... See MoreSee Less

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Get a really cool water bottle and take it with you wherever you go. We happen to be Ohio State fans here, and a quick search on Amazon yields some really cool OSU water bottles. Search for one you like and carry it proudly.
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Order water when you eat out. Not only is it free, but restaurants usually have a filtration system that makes their water pretty tasty – we've actually installed a number of those filtration systems for restaurants over the years. So you never know – you might actually be ordering a cup of Glaser Pure Water the next time you order water at a restaurant! ... See MoreSee Less

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There's an app for drinking water. Apple's iTunes store and Google Play have a number of apps that you can add to your smartphone that will remind you to drink water throughout the day. Here are some that look interesting. If you try one of them, or find one you like better, let us know so we can share it with others. ... See MoreSee Less

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Sometimes water on its own can get a bit boring. Try shaking things up a bit by creating your own flavors. You can get pre-made flavoring at the store, or you can make your own by adding a bit of fruit juice. It doesn't take much to give your water a whole new taste.
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Have a convenient source of water. If you have to go to the store to buy it or wait for a delivery, that's just one more obstacle in the way of drinking more water. Home drinking water systems provide convenient source of pure drinking any time you need it. ... See MoreSee Less

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Make water easy to access. If you can keep your water at your desk, or carry it with you, or put it in the cup holder in your car, you will find yourself drinking more of it. If you're on the go, get a special bottle. If you're at home or at a desk, get a special glass that you use just for water. ... See MoreSee Less

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