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Protect your plumbing fixtures from stains. Sinks, bathtubs and showers are all subject to stains from chemicals in water. We can help you keep them stain-free and looking great. If your water is causing stains in your home plumbing, we can help you identify the cause and provide a solution. One of the easiest ways to identify what’s causing the stain is through the color of the stain. Here are the six main types of stains we see and what their probable cause is. Orange or red water stains are typically caused by high amounts of iron in your water – most often well water but sometimes city water. You might notice these stains in sinks, toilets tubs and outdoors around irrigation. White stains and spotting are generally caused by the lime that is found in untreated hard water. It’s often visible on fixtures, shower doors and silverware. But what you can’t see is that lime can build up inside your water heater and your pipes which will shorten their lifespan. If you see yellowish stains or have yellowish water, that is probably caused by naturally occurring chemicals called tannins. This is most likely to happen in well water. If your drains or fixtures exhibit a black or dark brown stain, the culprit is most likely a chemical called manganese that occurs naturally and is most often found in well water. Blue-Green stains around your faucets and other fixtures are probably a sign of acidic water. Over time, this condition can do more than just stain – they can actually damage these metal parts. Give us a call. We can diagnose the source of the stain and help stop it. And help you keep your plumbing fixtures looking great.