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We get calls from people all the time who say their water stinks. Literally stinks. As in smells bad. And we usually get similar descriptions of what the water smells like. So here is the “Glaser Softwater Guide to How to Describe Your Stinky Water and What’s Causing it to Stink.” (Plug your nose before reading.)

Stink #1: “It smells like rotten eggs!”

An oldie, but a stinky. This classic stench is pretty common in water that comes from a well. The Cause: Sulfur gas that is created by a lack of oxygen in well water. Our solution is an aeration system that uses dissolved oxygen and catalytic carbon, which converts the gas to a solid so it can be easily removed. Well, easy for us with one of our WaterCare systems.

Stink #2: “It kind of smells like dirt!”

Some people describe it as “musty,” but either way you’re not going to like this. It’s a type of bacteria that feeds off of iron in water. Yeah, gross in more than one way, right? Ok, so the bacteria isn’t harmful, but still! And it gets a bit grosser, so, buckle up. The bacteria create a slime that they use to protect themselves. Another nice feature. And, finally, the stink they generate is not actually the bacteria themselves. Nope, it’s their rotting microscopic corpses. Enough? Right, really. Anyway, we can take care of this for you. Let’s start by testing the water, then we’ll install a system that makes this whole thing go away. Enough said about this particular stench.

Stink #3: “Does this smell like a fish to you?”

Fishy water, a very popular type of stinky water, is caused not by fish at all, but by various chemicals that occur naturally or are used by water treatment facilities. One of the chemicals, chloramine, is a compound of chlorine and ammonia and is used to disinfect public water. While necessary to remove harmful contaminants, it can create a strong odor in your water. Barium and cadmium are naturally occurring metals found in deposits that can make their way into your water as a result of fertilizer contamination or deteriorating pipes and plumbing. Though the smell is off-putting, it rarely signifies the presence of harmful bacteria or contaminants. And we can take care of Stink #3 with a reverse-osmosis filtration system, that will cause you to forget all about stinky water because RO water is absolutely delicious (stop by our store in Tipp City for a taste).

Stink #4: “It definitely smells like a swimming pool.”

And this one is so easy that most people can already name the source: chlorine. You know, that swimming pool chemical that makes your eyes burn if you open them under water? Chlorine is used by water-treatment facilities to kill bacteria, which is a really good thing. But by the time your water reaches your home, the chlorine isn’t necessary anymore, so it can be safely removed. Glaser can install filters that remove that last bit of chlorine, giving you that “bottled water” taste at a fraction of the cost. That’s pretty much it for different kinds of stinky water. If we missed one, give us a call and we’ll see if we can identify it for you. You can also find out about getting your water tested to find out exactly what’s making it stinky. 937-667-3116.