Fluoride in Your Drinking Water?

Communities started adding fluoride to drinking water in the mid-1940s as a way to combat tooth decay. Scientists had noticed that communities with high amounts of naturally occurring fluoride also had lower rates of tooth decay. So, the thinking went, if we...

Does showering in hard water bother your skin?

Does showering in hard water bother your skin? Are you one of the millions of people who don't like the way hard water makes your skin feel? We have a solution. The Miami Valley is blessed with one of the nation's largest supplies of fresh water. Our entire region...

The Dayton Home & Outdoor Living Show

Glaser Softwater has a booth at the Dayton Home & Outdoor Living Show, March 8 - 10. Make sure to stop by and ask about our Home Show Specials. If you would like a FREE ticket to the show, text Ivan at 937-414-5059.

Miami County Home and Garden Show

Glaser Softwater will be at the Miami County Home and Garden Show at Hobart Arena starting Friday. Be sure to stop by our booth so we can answer any questions you may have. Come visit us and have a great time at the Home and Garden Show.

It’s Home Show Season

Home shows season has started! We love getting out to the home shows and talking to home owners about ways to bring pure drinking water to everyone in your family. Right now we're planning to be at these home shows: Miami Valley's Ultimate Home Expo at Dayton Mall,...

Two locations

Did you know that Glaser Softwater has two locations? We have a location on Main Street in Tipp City and a second location on US 68 on the north side of Urbana. Having two locations makes it easy for us to get our team out to your home any time you need us.

New Installations

Okay, maybe this is a bit geeky on our part, but we really do love the equipment we install. Aren't they beautiful!

Plastic – in Lake Erie?

Maybe you've heard about plastic pollution in the ocean? Well, it's hitting home - Lake Erie now has a problem with plastic pollution.https://www.cleveland.com/…/youre_drinking_plastic_in_your.…  Just another reason to stop using disposable water bottles. Get a home...

Does Your Water Smell Like a Swimming Pool?

The familiar smell of chlorine is common around the swimming pool on a warm summer day. Unfortunately, that same smell is commonly noticed coming from the water inside the house too — the same water used to drink, cook, bathe and do laundry. The WaterCare® CareSoft...

We are an Authorized WaterCare Dealer

Glaser Softwater features the finest home water purification systems from WaterCare. You can have great, clean, delicious water everywhere in your home! With Glaser and WaterCare you can make sure you are providing the very best water for your family....

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