Iron in Your Water?

Iron in your water can stain your fixtures and your clothing, damage your plumbing and your appliances. Plus, it takes nasty.

Removing the stains requires the use of harsh chemicals.

Water softeners can get some of it out and chemical treatment can do some of the job, but the best solution is an air induction filter, like the Iron Pro filter.

Iron Pro filter  pumps oxygen into your water. When oxygen contacts the iron it oxidizes it –  turns it to rust.

The rust settles out of the water, where it can easily be disposed of down your drain.

The result – pure, clear, delicious drinking water.

Iron Pro filter uses no chemicals, hardly any electricity, needs virtually no maintenance and comes with the Glaser Softwater 7 year worry free warranty. Plus, Iron Pro filter also removes sulfur, getting rid of that stinky water smell.

So call the experts at Glaser Softwater to schedule your installation today and we’ll help you get the iron out of your water.



Home of the 7-Year "Worry Free" Warranty, includes all parts and labor.

That's right.  Seven years of no-hassle protection from Glaser Softwater.  Ask for details about your purchase.

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"We (had) the worst smelling water in Miami County. Hands down. Thanks to the team at Glaser's we now have no odor and no iron in our well water. From the office crew to the install crew, wonderful service." Read more



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Rent a water softener for as low as $27 per month. Give your family the gift of healthy, pure, delicious drinking water. Learn more



Make your water even better!

Want water that tastes every bit as good as bottled water - at a fraction of the cost?  Consider a Reverse Osmosis system for your home.

Reverse osmosis water has a low mineral content, so you can expect pristine, flavorful coffee, teas or juices.  With a reverse osmosis system, you’ll get fresh, clean water ready at your tap.  There will be little or no scale in your coffee maker or tea kettle.  Even your ice cubes will be better – they’ll be crystalline, harder and clearer than ice cubes that are not made with reverse osmosis water. Your humidifiers and steam irons will last longer. You’ll have spotless glassware when rinsed with reverse osmosis water.  You’ll never have to pay for overpriced bottled water again – and no more heavy bottles to have to lift and carry.  You pets and your plants will love pure reverse osmosis water.



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